Considered by many to be unfair for 1v1, since the orca dominates the apache. Read on and you'll see that's not necessarily relevant.

If either player sneaks into the enemy base with an engi and gets all their c4 on a building, they will have 900 credits when the harvester dumps. That's orca/apache money. However, it's not that simple.
The GDI harvester dumps a good few seconds before its Nod counterpart. What does a few seconds matter, you ask? A hell of a lot. If both players sneak and both buy orca and apache, the orca will be in the Nod base by the time the apache is just getting off the ground. Conclusion: the apache has no chance and there's now an orca in Nod base, while the Nod player has no money. Game over.
So: if you're GDI, try to sneak with an engi. The Nod player shouldn't. Defend with a Nod Soldier instead.

For Nod. When your harv dumps, you have three viable options.
Pretty straightforward really... sneak to his base, try to kill a building. Once you're sure the building kill is secure, kill yourself by standing at the MCT when you blow your remotes so you'll spawn back at base to defend it.

Probably the best of the three options. Buy an arty and roll into GDI base. If you can park yourself...

...here, the game's pretty much over. If GDI didn't get any engineer c4 on your base at the start, he won't be able to afford an orca or med before you get here. And once you're here, he can't buy any vehicles otherwise you can just shoot him in the face and steal it. All he can really do is save for a havoc, and by that time you've probably killed at least one of his buildings. Then you'll easily have enough for an apache and tech to finish him off.

Similar to the Artillery option, really. If you can park yourself in front of the weapons bay...

...before he gets a vehicle, he can't get any vehicles at all. You can also easily stop him leaving base with a hotwire. Once you're in position, you can take the lead by c4'ing a building and killing his harvester. His only real option is to save for a PIC. Again, by that time you'll have money for an apache.

For GDI. If you managed to sneak into base with an engi at the start and get all your c4 off, you've won. Get an orca and the game's over.
Let's assume you didn't succeed to sneak. Like Nod, you have three viable options here.

Again, straightforward. Sneak, kill a building and get back to base as quickly as possible.

Like Nod, GDI can institute a "vehicle block" preventing your opponent from buying a vehicle. But GDI can do it better.
If you can get your APC here...

...before Nod has a vehicle, he's screwed. If he buys a vehicle, you can easily kill him before he gets in, and steal it. His only option from here is to save for a raveshaw. This is very similar to Nod's APC option.
If, however, Nod has already purchased a vehicle (Which is quite likely, and will probably be an artillery), that poses something of an obstacle. Here's how to beat an artillery with an APC:
Keep your distance. Might sound strange but it works. Stay at the edge of your machine gun range and move laterally around the arty. If the artillery player is good, you may well not win, but this is your best chance.

This is a good counter if you believe Nod will buy an early art. When moving into position with your MRLS, remember:
This is bad...

This is good.

If he moves out of his base with an artillery, you can own it at long range. Once the arty's down, roll into base with your MRLS and you should get at least one building kill before you lose it.
The flaw in the MRLS strategy is: if Nod buys an APC instead of an arty, you're fucked.

Whichever side you are, if you use one of the six above strategies well, you can put your opponent on the defensive... and get money for your orca/apache at the same time. Ultimately, the idea is you need to get your orca/apache before your opponent does. But you need to play offensively at the start, otherwise that won't happen.

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