This is the most common map for 1v1. Most CW players love it because above all other maps, it's decided by tankskill.

GDI: To begin with you need to get as much money as possible by grenading. Killing his harv with grenadier is the best option since it'll cut his cash flow. Airstrip and refinery are also good moves. But remember the Nod player, if he's smart, will get a soldier and try to stop you, so go for a target where he isn't expecting you. Get as much money as you can.
You have two options to begin with: MRLS or Med Tank. If you're up against a Nod player who has awesome arty skills, you'll need an MRLS to counter it. But it's vital he DOESN'T SEE YOU BUY IT, otherwise he'll just get a light tank in which case you're fucked. But if he expects you to buy an MRLS and buys a light tank, and you actually get a med, you have the advantage.
Obviously Nod's immediate strategy should be to stop GDI doing this. Don't bother attacking the GDI harv or flaming the barracks, it's a waste of time and you need to stop him grenading. Just get a Nod Soldier in the tunnels instead and hunt his grenadier down.

This is what I call the "cycle" on Field.
MRLS beats an Artillery
Artillery beats a Med
Med beats a Light
Light beats an MRLS
(This isn't set in stone, since if one player is significantly more skilled in the ways of tanks than the other, the above may not be true. For example, a great MRLS player CAN beat a light. But if the players are on similar levels of tankskill, the above statements hold true)

As you can see, as the game starts it is important to know what the opposing player buys. Base your strategy to counter his.

There is a great spot to use your MRLS. It's here.

Since Nod's best weapon for 1v1 on field is the artillery, an MRLS at long range makes a great counterweapon in the early game. From Nod's point of view:

An Arty has a hell of a job hitting an MRLS here, whereas the MRLS will have no trouble kicking the crap out of the arty. The MRLS can also keep killing the harvester without much trouble, whereas the GDI harv is relatively safe. This will give you plenty of money to get a med/hotwire soon. But be advised, Nod will save for a stank or a light tank if you stay out with an MRLS too long, so go back and get yourself a med when you judge it's the right time.

If Nod buys a light expecting you to buy an MRLS, you'll probably beat it with your med. What's more likely though, is the Nod player will buy an arty instead. It's crucial to get your medium onto the field before the arty is in position, otherwise the arty will just use the terrain and range advantage and probably beat your med. Don't move too close to the Hand yet, because an artillery in Nod base entrance can easily kick the fuck out of a med tank up close. Hang back, hit his harv and make him come out.
This is a good spot to use a med tank.

An artillery has to expose itself to attack you, and if you keep moving you'll easily cripple it, forcing it to retreat. You can pin him in his base this way.
Keep your distance with the med and you should beat the arty with no trouble. But if you suspect he has a stank, move up to block the entrance. Once you've moved up, you can hit the Hand at your leisure, rushing the Obelisk is also a good option and works surprisingly well with a solo med.

If you're Nod, try to hang around the AGT tunnel about two minutes into the game. This is when the GDI harv dumps for the first time. If the GDI player buys an MRLS, this is when he'll buy it. If he does so, purchase a light tank. You should beat the MRLS without too much trouble. Then you can rush the AGT if you desire, or just play it safe, hang back and hit the factory and harvester. He will eventually buy a med to take you on. It's not easy to beat a good med player with a light, but here's a tip. Position yourself here.

Keep moving diagonally behind this hill. You can take a big chunk of his armour away before he gets close enough to hit you accurately. From GDI's perspective, as you can see...

...it won't be easy to hit the light, especially if it keeps moving.

This is Nod's most common strategy for 1v1. Field was practically designed for effective artillery usage. The terrain is perfect for arty. There are three hills which you can use to your advantage:

You need to work your way up to the hill near the yellow bunker. If you're good with an arty and you position yourself here, GDI has a hell of a job winning the game, trust me. It's not easy at all to remove an arty in this position. You can move close to the bunker and attack the WF, forcing him to come out to try to kill you. When he rushes, move back behind the hill and if you're good, you'll beat his med.

Once you've got a good lead (Which you will have, if you use one of the four strategies above effectively, you can do what you like... stanks, flamers, APCs, beacons or whatever. If, however, you save for a stank or get an APC at the start of the game, I GUARANTEE you will lose if your opponent knows what he's doing. Don't try to stank or APC rush until you're already winning and you've got him on the defensive.

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